About Us

Chinuch Resource Center is a one-stop- shop website and resource office for Torah education! Our mission is to equip parents, educators and children with any chinuch resources they need. We help guide each person to the right books, articles, courses, and products as well as to renowned evidence-based data-driven therapists, experts, behavioral resources and communication tools that are tailor fit to meet one’s needs.

"Yidden around the world are in need of an 'Amazon for Torah Education' and that's what we are here to provide!"

The Solution

Chinuch Resource Center has a solutions-focused approach to chinuch and development. We believe that the combination of encouragement, support and guidance together with our educational, behavioral and mental health tools, will be a recipe for successful emotional and intellectual development. Our course topics range from Kriyah, Gemara, grammar and communication skills to positive psychology, addiction recovery, stress management, social skills, nutrition, parenting, marriage and over a dozen other areas in Torah learning and behavioral skills.

Our Vision

Welcome to the Chinuch Resource Center, your comprehensive hub for Torah education resources! Our dedicated mission is to empower parents, educators, and children by providing a wide array of chinuch resources. Our goal is to assist individuals in accessing the most suitable books, articles, courses, and products, along with connecting them to esteemed evidence-based, data-driven therapists, experts, behavioral resources, and communication tools—all thoughtfully tailored within the framework of Torah principles. At the Chinuch Resource Center, we are committed to guiding each person towards the resources that best meet their unique needs and aspirations.

Our Mission

The Chinuch Resource Center adopts a solutions-focused strategy towards education and development. We firmly believe that integrating strength, support, and guidance with our comprehensive tools in chinuch (Torah education), hashkafa (philosophy), behavioral sciences, and mental health will serve as a catalyst for achieving successful emotional and intellectual development. Our diverse range of courses covers an extensive array of subjects, encompassing Kriyah, Gemara, lashon (language), and communication skills, to broader topics such as positive psychology, stress management, social skills, nutrition, parenting, marriage, inyanei Kedusha, and more than a dozen other areas within the realms of Torah learning and behavioral skill development. At the Chinuch Resource Center, we are committed to providing a holistic approach to education that nurtures growth across various dimensions.